There’s a lot we need to get on with in the next three years.

Here are my top 5 priorities


1. Housing

With the rules for housing development finished, the building must now begin in earnest. I will work with communities and developers to make sure we get good quality affordable homes built. While this need is urgent, we also need to ensure that our communities are strengthened and preserved at the same time. Developers must have someone on council that they can work with to keep the process moving and communities need an advocate with a strong track record of standing up for the west.

housing provision

…intensification and great design CAN go hand in hand.


2. Safe Thriving Communities

Town Centres

The next three years will see real growth in our community centres. I have advocated for our centres like Glen Eden and Henderson to receive funding in the 10-year budget for revitalisation, redevelopment and beautification. As our population in Auckland grows I will continue my focus on building strong communities for families to live in.

Crime Prevention

Council has an essential role to play in keeping our communities safe. The police receive support from Council for their community crime prevention initiatives. I am a staunch supporter of the work the police out West do. I will continue to support them through town centre safety programmes, Police lead crime prevention initiatives, community patrols and the funding of crime prevention through businesses organizations.


3. Improved Transport

One billion dollars a year lost in congestion cannot continue; more ferries, more buses and more trains are the answer. This means taking a long-term view of how we will get around Auckland in 30 years time. More roads are not the answer.

The inner city rail link is the key to unlocking the rail network regionally. It will hugely benefit the west, through reduced travel time and greater efficiency.

We must focus on linking walkways and cycle ways, to give people safe alternatives to car travel and ensure that we build a more sustainable future to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

penny hulse new electric trains

Penny’s first day as a driver on our new electric trains!


4. Connected Communities

The move to the ‘super city’ has placed stress on our communities as we work to re-establish networks that existed with the previous councils. Over the next 3 years my focus will be on continuing to work with the local boards to reconnect communities and support the excellent initiatives that keep our communities safe, connected and thriving.

I have worked closely with the police and social agencies to ensure safer communities.

I will work hard to ensure council’s internal culture reflects the importance of working in partnership with its communities.

jim diers workshop

Amazing Jim Diers workshop in Te Atatu.


5. Fair Distribution of Regional Spending

Many of our communities are lacking facilities like libraries, community houses and sports fields. I will work with these communities to ensure that all the spend is not concentrated in a few areas of Auckland.

The west has some excellent facilities, but we also have gaps that were identified by the former Waitakere Council. This work needs to continue. Massey, for instance was identified as next in line for a swimming pool. Together with our local boards, I will work to make this happen.